The Top 3 Money Blocks and how to overcome them – Money Mindset

with Laura Evans!

Series 5  – Episode 10

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The Top 3 Money Blocks and how to overcome them – Money Mindset with Laura Evans

When you think of money, what feelings or thoughts come up for you?

Is your relationship with money a good one?

Are you frustrated about your current financial situation?

Are you looking for more money but not sure where to start?

Are you wanting to break unhelpful money worries? – then you’re in the right place!

In this episode, I’ll discuss what money is and that leads us into a discussion about the 3 main money blocks that hold most people back with their money mindset.

Did you know that your beliefs, thoughts and feelings around money are key to the success you may or may not have around wealth?

The other key to financial success to goal setting – do you have a money goal?

We’ll be covering ALL of this AND I’ve included two exercises to help you sort your money mindset!

I really hope you get tremendous value from this episode … so let’s jump right in …

What is money? And what is our pursuit of wanting more money?

Google says that money is a medium of exchange or economic exchange.

Looking back through history grain was used to transfer wealth, people have used feathers and teeth.  More recently we use gold and silver and cash as we know.

The Bank of England says that 96% of the money in the UK is stored electronically and doesn’t really exist, it is just an exchange of energy.

So, why do we have a fascination of wanting more money, what is it that money is going to get for us even if we had more, and what does more even mean, 1p here in the UK is more, but is that what you really want?

What gets in the way of us having more money?

Money self-sabotaging strategies are common in many of us, past experiences have created stress and worries, which our mind records.  So perhaps it is no surprise that our minds link stress to money.  Some people want easy money, so they explore get rich schemes.

Laura’s grandparents hoarded and saved money and she was encouraged to save for a rainy day, but what if that rainy day never comes?

Some people fear not having enough money, fear that they will be unable to pay their taxes.  There are so many emotions that people attach to money.

Historical family beliefs about money can be passed through generations.  Perhaps you look at how other family members were affected by money, and you may not want that to happen to you. Beliefs can affect you, are you worthy of having more money?

Identify your money blocks and train your brain

You need to train your brain to relax into the flow of money.  You want to be in a space where you train your brain to allow money to flow to you, through you and away from you.

Money is simply energy and this has never been more true, when you look at our banking apps, and online shopping, it is an electronic way.  We need to find a way to find ease and joy around money in our lives so that we can attract more.

Money mindset exercise

Grab a pen and paper and write down these three questions

  1. Money is …
  2. My relationship with money is …
  3. Money makes me feel …

Now take a moment to pause and answer the three questions.  Then put the piece of paper to one side, and come back to it later.

The first step to more wealth and abundance

Your first step to more wealth and abundance is to get clear on what you actually want,  if you want more wealth and abundance you need to ask yourself the question, “For what purpose do you want more money?”  Answer honestly and consider why you want more money, what purpose does it have? What is your money goal?

Money Mind Block 1.- Do you have a goal or a clear focus on money?

In NLP we have a saying ‘where focus goes, energy flows’ and if your focus is on scarcity, then your approach to money will be very different from the next person who has an abundance mindset.

An abundance mindset is one where people see opportunity, they look for the “how could I make more money”, they look at the possibility, they find a way and they are really clear on the purpose that they want the money for. They want perhaps three holidays a year, or to pay off their mortgage, have more freedom as some examples.

From a mindset perspective, you need to get clear on your focus and what you want, you need a specific goal.

If you haven’t got your finances and money or sorted as you would like, Laura would take a guess that you haven’t got yourself a goal, a crystal clear goal fixed in your mind.

In NLP we look at the five principles to success (learn more here) and the first principle is setting a goal.  Using your reticular activation system within your brain, your unconscious mind will continually search for the things to help achieve your goal.  If you write your goal in an NLP-specific way, this means your brain will help you to achieve this. (see the exercise at the end of these notes).

Focus energy and effort on your goal.  You need to put focus and effort into achieving your goal.  What you think and feel about money is equally important.

Money Mind Block 2. – What do you feel about money?

In NLP we have a belief that there are no unresourceful people only unresourceful emotional states and given that money is only energy, if you can get your emotions in a better place about money then you will have a better money mindset journey.

If you are into manifestation you will know that what you feel you will attract.

If you believe that money is scary, is frustrating, scarce, difficult if that is where your focus is then this is not a resourceful state.

You need to pay attention to your emotions and how you feel around money, these feelings can get in your way.

How could you start to feel differently about money?

Could you change how you talk to yourself about money?

Take a look at what you wrote down earlier, how you feel about money,  Perhaps now is the time to make the decision to change, to think a different way about money?

Practicing gratitude can really improve your attitude towards money and is hugely powerful, going back to what you focus on is what you get.  If you focus on being truly grateful for the things in your life, that feels amazing and can bring feelings of optimism joy and gratitude.

If you want more money in your bank account think about what needs to happen, then go a step further backward.  Reverse engineer your thinking and feeling and what actions you are taking to change your situation.  Is it about your beliefs or behaviour patterns?  In NLP we would explore your current strategies and patterns and look to change them.

Practicing gratitude sits well here, you can use mantras or affirmations, to help rewire your brain. being happy and grateful for what you have now,  Try repeating this statement.

“I am happy and grateful for what I have now, and I am ready for more”

“I am happy and grateful for what I have now, and I am ready for more”

“I am happy and grateful for what I have now, and I am ready for more”

Notice how that feels when you say those words.  This is helping to move your focus from scarcity to wanting more.

Money Mind Block 3. – Your beliefs around money

So many people have limiting beliefs about money, there is a difference between ” I can’t make money” and “I don’t have money”.

I can’t make money is a belief that you might hold about yourself that disempowers you or holds you back, in NLP this is a limiting belief.  I can’t make money is the limitation.  “I don’t have money” …In your current situation, you may not have money, this is your reality but unless you change the limitation you won’t be able to change the reality and make more money.  What you believe about your ability, make and attract money, will influence how much money you have.

Limiting beliefs are often heard as I don’t deserve, I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I can’t…the list goes on.  If you don’t see value in yourself, your talents and your skills then no one else will.  If you believe you are not worthy, then that is going to hold you back.

If you do believe that you are worthy, that your skills are important, that you do deserve money, and that you believe you have talents and skills that people are happy to exchange for money, then your world will change.  Even if employed, the same applies.  If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

The key to this is your mindset.  When you can master your mindset, then all things shift.  Using a coach can help you shift your mindset and especially your money blocks.

Business Owner or Self Employed?

The other blocks that can affect you as a business owner are burnout and overwhelm and having the wrong types of clients.

You are likely to have your head buried in the business, frazzled and not thinking clearly if you are burnt out and overwhelmed.  There may be a business opportunity hidden in plain sight, enabling you to make more money, charge more for your time and generate more wealth for you, but you just can’t see it, as you are overwhelmed.  Laura works with coaches to look at opportunities within their business and change how they feel, allowing them to move forward.

Having the wrong type of clients can devalue yourself and your business.  It could be worth exploring if your clients are paying you what you deserve.  You want people that value you, your time and your services.  You don’t want to be busy not earning money – ask yourself the question “Is there something I could do differently?.

Challenge yourself 

Laura wants you to challenge yourself.  If you are really serious about changing your money mindset, get yourself an NLP Coach or book an NLP Practitioner course.  When you start challenging what you think and feel about money, it is only then that we can make helpful changes.

Money mindset exercise 1

Use this as an opportunity to start exploring your money mindset. (Please do this exercise in a safe environment)

Close your eyes and ask your unconscious mind to give you a metaphor for your relationship with money, how you think, feel and are about money right now.  What is your current relationship with money.

As soon as you have that metaphor, clear the screen and open your eyes.

Money mindset exercise 2

Now, use part two of this exercise, let’s focus on how your relationship with money could be. (Listen to the podcast episode to hear Laura’s guided instructions)

Think about what success around money would look like for you, how it would feel, what you may need or see.  Make sure you have a positive, focused goal.

Close your eyes.  When you think about your goal around money…do you have a picture?

Start by thinking about the amount of money you like to have each week/month/year.  Start to imagine what you will see, hear and feel if you were able to achieve this financial goal.  Imagine yourself in a movie scene with all the things you would need to be doing to get this financial goal.  How would others be interacting with you?  Where in your body do you feel it, notice what it feels like, immerse yourself into that experience, looking through your own eyes, look around you.

What does it mean you personally to achieve this goal?  What impact does it have in your life? To those around you? What does achieving this financial goal mean to you?  See it as if you are acting it out right now. Notice everything that you are seeing, feeling and hearing.  Really start to notice the possibility.

Now I would like to squeeze your little finger or link this visualization to a sound or another important anchor (learn more about anchoring here) so that you can be reminded of that visualisation.

Are you serious about fixing your money blocks?

If you are serious about sorting out your money mindset, why not get in touch with us at [email protected] and let’s discuss how our NLP training courses could help you overcome your money blocks and start to make a positive impact on your money mindset.






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