NLP Talks with Laura Evans – Episode 6

How to acquire financial success and smash your money limitations with Jon Eatly

Show Notes

Do you have money troubles? Does financial success either personally or in business elude you? What if you could better understand your money mindset?

In this episode of NLP talks with Laura Evans, we invite you to meet our guest Jonathan Eatly,  the founder of Eatly Wealth Management. Jonathan is a Chartered Financial Adviser and he knows only too well the impact mindset has on people’s wealth and financial success. As an NLP Master Practitioner, he’ll share his passion for Values and how sorting his mindset meant he left his money troubles behind.

Changing your money mindset

Laura asks Jonathan to go back to the time before his NLP training and consider his mindset around money and wealth.  Jonathan openly admits his mindset at that time was an issue for him.  He wanted money but was motivated more by not wanting to run out of money. In NLP we learn about our individual motivation strategies.  For instance, if you are motivated away from poverty, once you acquire a certain amount of money your motivation reduces dramatically until you are back into a state of poverty.  This strategy can hinder you and repeats like a vicious circle over and over again.  NLP enables you to develop a new strategy to keep you focused on the motivation to achieve your money goals, working towards wealth and a more positive mindset. Understanding your values and what motivates you can help you to stop investing time and energy into projects or clients that are just a waste of energy for little reward.

Business growth mindset

At the beginning of his NLP training, Jonathan had just employed his first member of staff.  He was filled with fear, worrying about how to pay his new staff member and run his business.  He used his NLP training to change his mindset, helping him to manage the pressures, fear and worry about growing his business.  With NLP he was able to successfully move forward and grow his business to ten staff with more growth planned for this year.  Jonathan also noticed when working in sales, that a sales role tends to highlight the gaps in your own personal development.  He soon realised NLP helped his personal development and filled those missing gaps.

Limiting beliefs

Jonathan admits to Laura that he was confident in his qualifications and ability to help people with their financial planning, what hindered his journey was his own limiting beliefs. He didn’t believe he was good enough to acquire and work with the high net worth clients that he wanted. He feared rejection and carried self-doubt. Upon completion of the NLP Practitioner training, he found he had the confidence to approach the type of client he wanted.  He also decided to confidently let go of the lower value clients that took a lot of his time and energy.  Once he cleared his limiting beliefs he was able to start securing the clients he wanted and has never looked back.


Jonathan and Laura talk about how your own personal values contribute massively to your success or failure in life.  They are linked to your motivation in life and sometimes you are completely unaware that they are your driving force.  Jonathan believes that values play a massive part in his business.

Personal Success

Jonathan explains how his mindset changed even more on his Master Practitioner training, leading to further personal success.  He knew he had the skill set and qualifications to provide a service for his clients but he still felt that something was lacking personally, that there were invisible barriers that stopped him from speaking with the even higher net worth clients.  His newfound confidence and self-belief meant he was able to secure and deliver services to the higher net worth clients that now make up a large portion of his client base.

Cleaning your glasses

Laura explains how proud she feels of Jonathan and that his change has been phenomenal.  Laura explains that the courses are like handing you a rag to clean your dirty glasses, allowing you to see clearly and achieve what you desire.  She also admits that it is the delegates on the courses who have to do the hard work.  Laura may well be the trainer and shares the content but the delegates unleash their potential and do the hard work.  The shift has been massive for Jonathan and he has continued with private coaching with Laura to make sure that he keeps those changes and his business keeps evolving and growing.  Jonathan says that in life you plan your education, your business, HR issues, your IT set up but most people forget about the biggest thing, which is themselves. It is worth investing in personal development getting the right coaching, training, and support.  A healthy you means healthy business, healthy relationships, healthy bank balance.

Jonathans top tip

Values – What’s important to you?

Jonathan encourages everyone to examine their values in a specific area of your life e.g. business, relationships, money etc.  Find someone who can help you with this exercise, grab a large piece of paper or a whiteboard and get them to ask you the question “What’s important to you in the context of (fill in the blank) as you are today” and to write down one word answers, make sure they put you under pressure with quick-fire questioning,  pushing you for an answer and asking “what else?”.  Let them keep pushing for an answer,  you are looking for about 50 words.  Tell them if you get repetitive that’s ok and to keep pushing.

When you have about 50 words on the board, sit back and reflect on the list.  Pay attention to the words that stand out and get your partner to ask the next question “If you could only have one word, in the context of (whatever you chose) which would it be”? This is as you are today not what you aspire to be, continue this until you have a list of 8 words. Then you need to put these in the order of priority. This will then be loosely your list of values on that chosen subject.

This is exercise gives you a good start in recognising what is important to you and whether that aligns with what you want in your life.  When on the Masters Practitioner training programme,  we would go on to clean up those values and use Timeline Therapy™ to allow us to get rid of the away from motivations and flip them to be towards motivations, and that’s where the magic happens.  Sometimes we find that we have values that don’t fit or will hinder your results.  As Master Practitioners, we can re-arrange the values so that they deliver the results of the goal you desire.

Lauras Quick Fire Round Questions

1. What does Unleash Your Potential mean to you?  “Making me a better person”

2. If you could go back to an age, what age would you go back to? 7

3. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what would you do instead?  A lifestyle coach in a business context

4. If had one pearl of wisdom to share what would that be? Invest in yourself

Unleash Your Potential Badge

Jonathan chose the badge confidence – Laura asks “What does confidence mean to you? – “It is the basis of everything for me, at the start of my NLP journey confidence was low.  Everything now is about confidence, if you are confident in what you do and confident in who you are everything else will follow.” Jonathan Eatly



Guest Bio

Name: Jonathan Eatly 
Job Title: Chartered Financial Adviser of Eatly Wealth Management
Bio: Since leaving college Jonathan has always worked in the financial services industry and for the last 12 years has been working with individuals to help them achieve financial independence and live the life that they want, without the fear that they will run out money. Jonathan found NLP in 2017 with the aim of utilising the skills to help more people achieve a life worth living through financial success.
Coaching Specialisms: Financial Wealth Management
Web Address:
Email Address: [email protected]

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